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Friends at SpecialGuest asked me to design and develop a new website that captured the spirit of the unique creative agency Art & Communication company.

As I kicked off conceptual and interaction design work, Pablo of Delcan & Co kicked off work for a entirely new visual identity. This way we were able to collaborate and create something unique, where the branding and interactivity are fused together. Plus, it was fun having an ECD as a client to push the creative forward.

If you visit most any website, you feel as if you are the only one there, when in reality you are probably not. So we took that opportunity, and the core philosophies of the company, to let every visitor to the site be a “special guest.” So at any point, every guest can see everyone else in real time, creating wonderful and surprising moments of serendipity.

The build is totally custom and optimized from the ground up. The site runs a wordpress backend for simplicity and customizability of a CMS admin interface, but the PHP only outputs clean JSON, to be ingested through a FRNT middleware into much faster and more flexible DoT node templating engine, allowing use of Socket.io for realtime. Home-brewed AJAX navigation, GSAP Draggable for the moveable cards, and Matter.js to render the fuzzy dots and interactive logo in a client-side physics engine. Implemented a custom technique for a responsive “anti-grid.” Atypical About page, with an interactive Poll where people leave their mark, to show how the company thinks differently rather than simply stating it.